Summer Catalog 2012 / Photography by Charlie Engman

sweet dress

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The Elk Network is almost full and looking for 3-7 new members! We’re a family of grunge/street/landscape/urban/architecture blogs who are closely connected though a private blog where we can all chat, help out with promos, and tell DIRTY SECRETS. Everyone in the network gains tons of followers from promotions and is able to freely communicate with some of Tumblr’s best blogs.

To apply you must:

Reblog this post

Be following v-i-p-e-r and xucci

Have a blog that is similar to the ones already in the network 


Be a dangerous criminal

Good luck, reblog this up to 5 times, and check out our network page.

must reach 150+ notes


 Jil Sander Spring 1996, Craig McDean

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